Derived from ancient Egyptians, it uses an organic sugar paste at room temperature, removing hair in the growth direction, reducing side effects and complications derived from traditional waxing method. Suitable for sensitive skin, prone to ingrown hair and breakage.



No risk of injuries, infections:

  • Used at body temperature.
  • Minimised risk of ingrown hairs.
  • Bacteria don’t breed in sugar
  • No risk of allergic breakouts.


  1. It’s completely organic:

Lemon, Sugar & Water. That’s it!

Have you ever read the ingredients in the wax you’ve been using?  Which would you choose? The one you can eat, (no literally you can) or the one you’d have to call a poison hotline if your children got into it?

  1. Sugar only sticks to dead cells:

Unlike wax, sugar is water soluble. This leads to a few great benefits, one of which is that it will not stick to water-containing live cells. This leads to less redness and irritation. It also allows sugar to act as an exfoliant, leaving your skin soft and silky-smooth after the treatment and days later. Unlike waxing that removes the protective barrier of your skin!

  1. Another benefit of being water soluble- it’s easy to get off:

Have you ever gotten waxed and spent the rest of the day sticking to your clothes because of the pieces left behind?  We have all had that awkward experience going to the ladies after a bikini wax-ouch! Well, guess what! This doesn’t happen with sugaring!  Even if you do end up with some left on your skin, a quick wipe with a warm cloth is all it takes to remove it.

  1. Low temperature:

Sugar does not have to be at high temperatures like wax does. In fact, if it is too warm we cannot use it.  It’ll just turn into a giant blob of runny liquid sugar! This means there is no risk of being burnt like wax.  Additionally, higher temperatures lead to more swelling as heat draws blood to the surface. Something you’ll be happy to miss out on with sugaring!

  1. Sugaring leads to less breakage:

Sugar is applied against the direction of hair growth and removal is done in the direction of growth, therefore minimising breakage of hair at the surface. The best part, less pressure=less pain.

Bonus: Your skin will stay smooth for longer as the hair bulb must be regrown before you will see hair again.


One of my favourite parts of sugaring is that it is way more sanitary than wax. Fresh sugar is taken out of the container each time by a new dispoble glove. This sugar is then thrown out, at the completion of the treatment. Since there are chances of catching infections when getting waxed due to this reason, you can feel safe and sound knowing that this is not even a possibility with sugar. Besides, bacteria don’t breed in sugar paste!

  1. Sugaring leads to a permanent reduction of hair growth:

Each time you get sugared your hair bulb gets ripped out and your follicle collapses. Your follicle needs to be reconstructed and your hair needs to be strong enough to push through this collapse. Over time your hair gets weaker and eventually the follicle stops producing hair altogether. The longer you’ve been getting sugared for, the less hair growth you will see. Pair this with laser hair removal treatments and you will be hair free in no time!

So there you have it! Still not convinced? Come try it out for yourself!




Lip $25
Chin $30
Bikini $40
Bikini G-String $60
Bikini Brazilian $80-$90
Under-Arms $40
Arms $55-$75
Back & Shoulders $120
1/2 Legs $65
Full Legs $120