Qualified in all the latest techniques of brows including; hairstrokes, shading, powder finish and ombre since 1992. Member of the Association of Cosmetic Tattoo Inc.

Cosmetic Tattooing



The Difference

Knowing how to tattoo brows is just the beginning. Skills in skin type assessment, colour theory, brow shape and styling, hygiene practices, insurance and registrations, and TGA (therapeutic goods Act) certified pigments to name a few, should also be highly considered. And what if you don’t like it-can they be removed?

Our owner (cosmetic nurse) has been providing PMU (permanent make up) services since 1994 and is a member of the cosmetic tattoo association. Membership to the association can only be acquired with registered and accredited training and proven expertise and experience. She also provides many techniques which she has mastered over the decades and not just current trending methods, and a master at ‘repairs’ which she sees often due to inexperienced operators.

She has also trained with famous ‘brow shaping specialists and methods’ from around the globe Svetlana Burckhardt, Jazz Pampling, Nilan Patel (HD brows UK) Anastasia Beverley Hills. Beauty Science established one of the first ‘ brow bars’ way back in 2007.

What is semi-permanent cosmetic make-up?

Similar to tattooing, it is accomplished through a process known by the medical field as micro-dermal pigmentation. Iron oxide pigments are naturally found in the body and is implanted into the epidermis of the skin, to create a natural finish and enhance natural features. Please note this procedure is not intended to replace make-up.

How long does it take?

Allow approximately 1 hour per application. Two visits are necessary to complete the treatment for new areas. During the first visit, the coloured pigments are applied into the epidermis. On the second visit, the final pigments will be applied for a longer lasting effect. A numbing cream will be applied 30 mins prior to treatment for complete comfort.

Is it really permanent?

The process is considered semi-permanent but may lighten or fade over a period of up to 1- 2 years, but it varies with each individual. Touch up treatments will have a lasting effect.

How safe is it?

All articles used are sterile and are disposed immediately after the treatment. After the completion of the treatment, mild swelling and tenderness can be expected up to 48 hours, but you may continue business as usual. You will also be advised about after-care, which involves applying cream on the area twice daily for 1 week.


Brow Guide

What’s the Difference Between Microblading, Ombre and Hybrid Brows?

Which method is right for me? We get asked this question all the time. As we have been providing Permanent make up for over 25 years, we have mastered all methods available on the market! But which one is best for you? To make your decision a little less confusing we have put together some tips for you to think about.

No one method is better than the other, because it all comes down to personal taste, skin type, colouring and lifestyle.

Option 1 Microblading / Hairstroke

Overview: Microblading has taken the beauty industry by storm in recent years. Microblading is meant to replace individual hairs, not to fill your brows to look like they’re filled in with pencil or shadow.

This is achieved using a hand-held tool that creates incisions or small cuts into the skin creating many hair-like impressions by implanting pigment strokes under the skin.

Pros: Microbladed brows look very natural if done by an experienced professional and each stroke looks like real hair.

Cons: Microbladed brows are the least permanent of all Permanent Makeup because of the shallow depth we penetrate the pigment under the skin. They therefore require more frequent touch ups than other techniques. Most clients come back between 12-18 months for a colour boost. Microblading is less effective on oily/combination skin types, and can be painful for some clients. Over time hairs strokes loose their ‘crisp’ look as the colour fades and runs and can look quite blotch after several months.

Who is it best for:
Microblading is perfect for someone who:
– has thin/patchy brows or needs a partial fix
– wants a subtle shape enhancement
– doesn’t regularly fill in their brows

Option 2 Ombre Powder Fill

Overview: This technique has been around for decades, but has been gradually improving over the years. The ombré powder fill method is more like a traditional tattoo performed by a machine and involves the application of thousands of tiny dots of pigment, inserted into the skin, gradually building up a colour and defined shape. Ombré– gives a light to dark ombré, lighter at the bulb (front) of the brow and going darker towards the tail

Pros: Much longer lasting results and works with all skin types. Clients come back for colour boosts closer to the 2-3 year mark.  The brow is also fuller and more defined or dramatic than with the hairstroke method.

This method also gets better with time rather than the reverse as seen with microblading. are less painful due to the airbrush-like technique used, which creates less trauma to the skin vs. the blading technique of microblading

Cons: Because this method has been around for a long time, it doesn’t have the best reputation. (big block brows) Many people are fearful of this method looking unnatural, because it does create a more defined, solid look than microblading alone. But today’s powder fill permanent brows are more natural looking than their 1990’s predecessors. In fact, ombre fill brows can be made to look very natural, by gradually building up pigment over 2-3 sessions, allowing for a defined yet soft/non solid look.

Who is it best for: If you are someone with oily or combination skin, or who fills in your brows regularly with pencil or shadow, then this is the method for you! It mimics the look of filled in brows, without all the effort each morning. 

Option 3 Hybrid Brows

Overview: We love this method the most! It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like: a combination of hairstrokes and powder fill.

Pros: The combination of hair strokes and a powder fill. It’s a bit more defined and filled in than just straight microbladed brows, and a bit less solid and dramatic than the ombre powder fill.

Cons: The hybrid brow costs slightly more than the other two methods.

Who is it best for: We really love this technique. All brows are customized specifically to each individual based on your desired There are no two clients with the same brow design.

Tattoo Removal

If you have an existing tattoo you don’t love or want a new look, we can remove it for you in as little as 1-2 sessions.