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Sharpen the jawline, soften marionette lines and lift sagging jowls.

What is the Nefertiti Lift?

Nefertiti Lift is a non-surgical lower face enhancement that can assist with sagging jowls and neck bands.

Beauty Science offers are range of treatment options depending on the severity. During a consultation, we can develop an individual treatment plan to help you to meet your goals as individual results may vary and might not be suitable for you.

How is the Nefertiti Lift achieved?

Wrinkle reduction treatments are used to relax some of the muscles that contribute to sagging around the jawline and exaggerate the jowls. This allows muscles on the upper face to lift the lower face creating a more defined jaw line.

How long does it Last?

Like most treatments using wrinkle reduction, the Nefertiti Lift has a duration effect of 3 months. There is no recovery period and you can return to normal duties immediately.

We offer a complimentary initial consultation to develop an individual treatment plan to help you to meet your goals as individual results may vary and might not be suitable for you.


Whether you undergo a dermal filler or Botox procedure, you may experience some slight swelling, tenderness or bruising in the treated area. This is completely normal and should subside within 1-2 weeks. 

To prepare our clients as best we can for what to expect and what steps to take following an appointment, we have also included some key points to remember below:

  • You are not a candidate if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, suffer from neurological disorders., and have allergies to any ingredients used during treatment. 
  • Do NOT consume alcoholic beverages at least 24 hours prior to treatment (alcohol may thin the blood and increase the risk of bruising)
  • Avoid anti-inflammatory/blood thinning medications for 1 week before treatment. Medications and supplements such as aspirin, vitamin E, ginkgo biloba, ginseng, St. John’s Wort, Omega 3/Fish Oil supplements, Ibuprofen (nurofen) and other non-inflammatory medication have a blood thinning effect and can increase the risk of bruising and swelling after injections.
  • Schedule your appointment at least 2 weeks prior to a special event which you may be attending, such as a wedding or a holiday. Also bruising and swelling may be apparent during that period. 
  • Reschedule your appointment at least 24 hours in advance if you have a rash, cold sore or blemish on the area to be treated.
  • If you have previously suffered from facial cold sores, there is a risk that the needle punctures could contribute to another eruption of cold sores. You will need to take preventative treatment on the day of procedure. 
  • Be sure to have a good breakfast, including food and drink before your procedure. This will decrease the chances of lightheadedness during your treatment.
  • Avoid waxing, bleaching, tweezing, or hair removal cream on treatment area for 2 days post treatment. 
  • In the 48 hours following treatment, avoid heat related environments such as sauna, steam rooms and SPAS
  • Avoid applying makeup on the day of treatment.
  • Wait 2 weeks post immunisations for treatment.
  • Do NOT manipulate the treated area for 4 hours following treatment. 
  • Do NOT lie down for 4 hours after your Botox treatment. This will prevent the Botox from tracking into the orbit of your eye and causing drooping eyelid.
  • It is advised not to fall asleep on your front to allow the Botox to settle.
  • It can take approximately 3 to 10 days for results to be seen. If the desired result is not seen after 2 weeks of your treatment you may need a top up. You are charged for the amount of product used during any touch-up or subsequent appointments.
  • Do NOT  exercise for several days after treatment. This will ensure optimal results.