For as long as I can remember, I always new that enhancing and perfecting brows had a profound effect on peoples look and confidence. This was one of my favourite services as well as the most requested.

In the 90’s, you had to rely on your natural talent and good eye for shaping and styling as there were no courses, internet, brow hubs, products and the like to help you along. By 2005, I realised that with the amount of brow work we were producing, there was a market to transforming a standard brow wax into something much more. So I brought in my architect and re designed the front part of my salon into the first brow bar within a beauty salon in Melbourne. My main focus was to free up my treatment rooms, showcase a specialist service, and offer express convenient service while people were in the mall.  It would also create extra revenue in an area that traditionally wasn’t profitable ‘the waiting area’ And along came new clients in the process and added to our business revenue. The rest is history. Not only did it pay off but the copy cats followed too. I re-designed our menu and put together a training program specifically for staff running this area, as there was nothing around at the time-not even products to sell! With this success, I applied the same to the next 2 stores we launched thereafter.

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