Your answer to a brighter, even, smooth, radiant skin tone regardless of your skin type or colour.

Venus Viva


The Venus Viva is your answer to a brighter, even, smooth, radiant skin tone regardless of your skin type or colour. If you have large pores, acne scarring, skin laxity or poor skin texture the Venus Viva offers a solution.

…and it can benefit your skin in all of these ways with minimal side effects and downtime.

Your skin is your body’s first defence against everything your environment has to throw at it. Every day it defends you against UV radiation, protects you from dehydration, and shields you from damaging pollution particles. It stops bacteria, viruses and skin infections. Most of the time you can ignore your skin and let it do its job. Sometimes it needs attention and rejuvenation.

Too much exposure to UV light can cause hyperpigmentation. Age and the environment can cause rough skin tone and fine lines. All of which can be rejuvenated with effective and tailored skin remodelling – the unique benefit of all Venus Viva treatments.

The reason why Venus Viva treatments are so effective at combating even the toughest of skin irregularities compared with traditional skin needling or any other similar devises is its nano- fractional radio frequency.

Most resurfacing techniques focus and treat from the top layers of your skin, causing peeling, irritation and side effects. Venus Viva treatments use micro pins to deliver energy into deeper underlying levels safeguarding your skin integrity. This is why and how Venus Viva treatments are more effective and safer than ‘laser’ based technology, especially on darker skin types. ie fraxel. Fraxel skin resurfacing cannot be used on darker skin types and has a 2 to 4 week downtime period whereas Venus Viva has a 3-5 day mild downtime (nothing that cant be covered with mineral make up).

When nanofractional radio frequencies are delivered to your target areas of skin concern, they trigger skin healing, collagen building and increased skin metabolism.

The many skin benefits of a nanofractional RF treatment are not just noticeable from before and after photos, they’re also clinically proven with FDA clearance.

Rec: 1-3 treatments every 4 weeks depending on skin concern

Assisted homecare products is advised for a better outcome