Vita-Sol Collagen Boost Powder

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100% Pure Marine Collagen Peptides which is the purest form of collagen peptides available on the market and proven to be the most effective for skin health.

Convenient way to boost your collagen production, increase radiance and nourish and naturally plump the complexion from the inside out. Suitable for anyone concerned about skin texture, hydration, firmness and fine lines.

Flavour free, it can be added directly into smoothies, tea, coffee or used in cooking. Perfect to mix with Vita-Sol Infinity, Flexibility and/or Purity Wholefood Powders.

Vita-Sol was developed in conjunction with accredited Nutritionist Fiona Tuck and only clean ingredients are used. NO GMO, eggs, nuts, gluten, dairy, synthetic vitamins, artificial ingredients, flavours, colours, preservatives or additives.Certified Sustainable Seafood (MSC). Wild caught, not from farmed fish.

Caution: People who have a seafood allergy should seek medical advice before taking this product. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, we also recommend you check with your health professional.

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