Imported exclusively from NY, suitable for all skin types. Designed to cleanse, hydrate, refresh and enhance vitality, without any irritation or downtime. Our ‘uni-dose’ delivery system ensures freshness and no risk of cross-contamination.

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Biolight Miracle Facial


Helps brighten and diminish the appearance of hyperpigmentation due to the sun, acne scars and hormonal changes (melasma)  while enriching the skin with its added anti-aging benefits. Advanced professional results for skin lighting. Includes glycolic peel, massage, mask.

Rec. every 3-4 weeks until improved and assisted home care for faster long term results.

Four Layer Facial


For all skin types!

Voted ‘best facial in the world’ by Cosmopolitan UK, be spoiled with this treatment which includes deep cleansing with honey, double massage, fresh seaweed mask & thermal mineral mask. This full hour plus treat will not leave you disappointed!

Vita Cura Facial


For dry, mature skin types.

Designed specifically for mature skin with benefits to preserve elasticity, improve oxygenation and help prompt cell renewal.  Includes an Enzymatic Micropeel to helps uncover a vibrant complexion, two massages and a cool Spirulina Seaweed Mask. One of our most popular facials for over 10 years for very dry & sensitive skin.

Red Out Facial


For sensitive, reactive skin.

Using Micro Silver, anti-oxidants & Eco Cert seaweeds as well as other anti-inflammatory ingredients to help reduce redness in chronically inflamed/sensitive skin.. Research has found that rosacea is caused by skin microbes that thrive in bacteria present on the skin. Micro Silver is an important antibacterial ingredient found in algae. Treatment includes cool customised serum infusion, mask and LED light therapy.

Rec. every 3-4 weeks until improved and assisted home care for faster long term results

Repechage Hydra Medic Facial


For problem, acne skin.

Deep pore cleansing to help purify skin with its one of a kind unique desincrustation mask to soften and help decongest skin and assist extraction process.

Blue LED Light therapy included in the treatment at no extra charge (save $99)

Recommended every 3-4 weeks until improved, assisted home care is also recommended for faster long-term results.

Hydra Dew Facial


An alternative to Botox®. Argireline® hexapeptide helps to give skin a virtual lift! Seaweed provides deep hydration.

Fatty acids of sunflower, sesame and almonds work to re-establish the hydra-lipidic protective barrier, while bearberry combats hyper-pigmentation to lighten and brighten the complexion.

Rich in beta carotene, B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, and iron minerals to deliver maximum results in a minimum of time.

Eye Lift


Our little secret duo combining a refreshing seaweed eye mask coupled with Magnetic Pulsed wave technology to help drain excess lymphatic fluid and reduce puffiness and dark circles.

Sea Escape

The Sea Escape Includes:
  • Repechage organic seaweed facial,
  • Hot stones massage with essential oils, and a
  • Repechage sea-salt foot scrub.

Glow Hydrafacial

The Venus Glow hydrafacial opens up pores using a gentle vacuum and gives them a deep clean with two jet streams of purified water, which is evenly spread as the tip spins 360 degrees. Venus Glow can help to:

  • Brighten and clear skin
  • Control oily skin while still moisturising
  • Improve skin elasticity
  • Even skin tone
  • Remove blackheads and whiteheads
  • Increase effectiveness of other skincare products and facials

Is this treatment right for me?

Venus Glow is effective and safe for all complexions. You may not be able to receive this treatment if you:

  • Have piercings or implants in the treatment area
  • Have had a surgical procedure in the treatment area within the last three months or one that has not healed fully yet
  • Currently have any type or cancer or a history of cancer, or pre-malignant moles
  • Are pregnant or nursing
  • Have any current conditions in the treatment area, such as sores, psoriasis, eczema, or rash
  • Suffer inflamed/pustular acne lesions
  • Have a history of skin disorders, keloids, abnormal wound healing, including very dry and fragile skin or very easy bruising

Booking a Venus Glow treatment

One treatment session with Venus Glow takes only 5-15 minutes and is completely painless and comfortable. It can be undertaken as often as once a week depending on the patient. Do not apply lotion or makeup to the target area directly before the session. Immediately after a Venus Glow treatment the skin may be flushed for an hour but there is no downtime and makeup may be applied straight after the treatment.